About Sumer Metal Industries

Company since 1994 (25+ years).

Sumer Metal Industries was founded Mr. Ashok Jain in 1994. With over 25 years of experience in the iron and steel business and over 20 years experience with Sumer Metal Industries, it is enough to describe about the success, smooth operations, and progress of the company.Since its inception, the company has dealt with and specialized in the iron and steel business. The company is major supplier of Industrial Raw Material specifically Stainless Steel in the city of Mumbai.

Progress and Expansion.

Sumer Metal Industries, based in Mumbai, It has clientele base set up in Maharashtra followed Gujarat. Its network has grown strong over the years and is able to supply the required material all over India. The company has also progressed in international trading. The company has its international base set up majorly in Gulf and Arab countries, Italy, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Products and Supplies.

Sumer Metal Industries mainly deal in Stainless Steel industrial raw material. It is also manufacturer of Pipe fitting and Flanges. The company has efficiency and experience in supplying other major raw material which includes Round Bars, Circles, Flats, Coils, Sheet and Plates and Angle amongst the other.

Prompt Service For:

Fast Shipment

As per your urgency the product gets dispatched and delivered to you at the earliest.

Product Quality

We provide high quality Stainless Steel material. So you need not worry about the quality.

Easy Support

Contact any time for any of your order requirements. The support would be prompt always.

Our Major Industrial Supplies…

Sumer Metal Industry – Product Variety

Sumer Metal Industries have been servicing the iron and steel industry since 20+ years. We have enough capabilities and strength to deliver high quality and standard products. Our service has been such that the prospect buyer would not have any complain/question regarding the quality and the promptness of the facility provided. 
In case if you wish to start fresh with us, you are warmly welcomed to our customer base. 

Following are the products we deal provide and deal in: