Is Your Metal Supplier ISO Certified?

Not every supplier of metal will have a current ISO 9001 accreditation. Depending on the specifics of their business, a metal supplier may choose to opt out of ISO, as achieving and maintaining ISO certification requires time and resources. Here are some specifics on how to tell if a metal supplier has an ISO certification and why it matters.
Metal vendors and ISO accreditation

How can you tell if your metal supplier is ISO-certified?

You ask. If your project or process requires materials that correspond to ISO standards, it is best to note this requirement at the time of the estimate. If they can meet those requirements, your current supplier ought to be able to let you know immediately away.

Why ISO Is Important For Customers?

However, it’s not always the case that your project or method requires you to only engage metal suppliers who follow ISO’s quality management criteria. Even though they are not required, ISO-compliant products can be an indicator of how seriously a company takes quality. If a merchant has an ISO certification, working with them is less dangerous, for instance, if you need a material that your usual supply doesn’t have.

Keep in mind that ISO 9001 isn’t just another certification that Metal Suppliers want to obtain. It’s also a commitment to always improve. The quality control standards set forth by ISO include both recommendations and mandates. If you adhere to ISO’s recommendations and standards, clients might be more eager to do business with you.

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