Duplex stainless steel is one of the most used stainless steel alloys in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors. Duplex stainless steel is the material that designers choose when they need both high strength and exceptional corrosion resistance. Since recognizing the demand for duplex, Stainless Structurals America has provided our whole range of structural shapes in these alloys. We are now expanding our selection of duplex products by adding real flat duplex stainless steel bars.

The Advantages of Duplex Stainless Steel

Utilizing duplex stainless steel in your project ideas has three clear benefits. The grade of a duplex to be used depends on a number of variables, but all duplex alternatives offer benefits in terms of corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and cost savings.


Duplex stainless steel offers higher corrosion resistance in comparison to other metals including carbon steel, aluminium, and galvanised steel, just like all stainless steel alloys do. Duplex exhibits remarkable resistance to localised corrosion, including pitting and crevice attack. Duplex is used to stop corrosion in settings that are moderately to strongly aggressive because its corrosion properties are quite comparable to those of 316/316/L stainless steel. Oil and gas, chemical processing, desalination and water treatment, pulp and paper, architecture, building construction, and other industries frequently use duplex.


Compared to the typical austenitic grades of stainless steel, duplex stainless steels have mechanical qualities that are noticeably better. It provides nearly twice the yield strength in some circumstances. Yield strength is intimately connected to wear resistance, fatigue strength, and other crucial material qualities in structures under dynamic loads. Duplex is a fantastic alloy choice for structural applications like this New York City subway terminus because of its higher yield strength characteristics.


The potential for cost savings is the third notable benefit of duplex stainless. Applications for structural parts like beams, channels, angles, or tees are the main focus of this. Engineers can design with a lighter section without compromising structural performance thanks to the increased yield strengths. The cost of the materials will be reduced because of their lighter weight. We do a terrific job of breaking down the possible savings by adopting lighter parts in our Duplex Stainless Brochure.

2205 and 2507 Duplex Flat Bar Offerings

Stainless Structurals is pleased to provide a real flat bar in both 2205 and 2507 duplex stainless steels in response to the growing demand for duplex in a number of different industries. In any grade, regular and custom sizes are offered. Our normal lead times for these flat bars will be 1-2 weeks because we also understand that time is of the essence.

Our duplex flat bars are available in 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2” thicknesses and we can produce up to 24” wide. All four sides of these flat bars will have our blasted and pickled finish, and standard lengths for them will be 19–20 foot random lengths. One length constitutes the sole minimum order quantity. Our flat bars will conform to ASTM A484 for dimensional tolerances and A276 for mechanical and chemical characteristics.

Your requirements for duplex stainless steel can be satisfied by stainless structurals.

Applications and industries that demand strength and corrosion resistance are expanding all the time. The company Stainless Structurals is available to meet your needs for duplex stainless steel flat bars and laser-welded structural sections because it is aware of this. To find out more about our duplex products and our structural sections made of regular stainless steel, please get in touch with us right away.