Different kinds of flat bars are used in the manufacturing and building industries. MS flat bars are one of the most common types of steel bars. This blog post has a short guide to MS flat bars that explains what they are, the different kinds they come in, and what they are used for. So, let’s discuss!

What is MS Flat Bar?

Mild steel flat bars, also called MS flat bars, are often used to make cable trays, bright bars, truck trailers, tippers, railways, bus bodies, elevators, and escalators.

Experts say that MS flat steel bars not only give the products a better structure but also lower the overall cost of making them. Because these flat bars are rolled at a low temperature, they make structures stronger and more rigid. MS steel bars meet every quality and specification requirement of the manufacturer because they are strong, reliable, and long-lasting.

What is the Length of a Flat Bar?

There are many different kinds of flat bars. Usually, they range from 12 to 100 mm and are 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.7 mm, or 3 mm thick. They are 6 m long. Most standard ASTM A276 flat bars are between 1.2 mm and 150 mm wide and between 25 mm and 33 mm thick. Before you buy, make sure to talk to your supplier. They will be able to tell you what length of flat bars will work best for you.

MS Flat Bar Sizes

There are many different sizes of MS flat bars. Here are some of the most common:

  • 20*5
  • 20*6
  • 25*3
  • 25*5
  • 25*6
  • 25*8
  • 25*10
  • 25*12
  • 32*3
  • 32*5
  • 32*6
  • 32*8
  • 32*10
  • 32*12
  • 32*16
  • 40*3

MS Flat Bar Weight | MS flat Weight Chart

The MS flat bars vary in weight based on their size. The most popular flat bars have the following MS flat weight per meter (in kg/m):

  • 0.790
  • 0.942
  • 0.600
  • 1.000
  • 1.197
  • 1.550
  • 1.998
  • 2.398
  • 0.798
  • 1.296
  • 1.499
  • 2.202
  • 2.802
  • 3.297
  • 4.403
  • 0.899

Uses of MS Flat Bars

MS flat bars can be used for many different things. Here are some important ways it can be used:

Home Appliances: Mild steel bars are used in many appliances and products for the home. Some of them are overhead doors, heaters, washing machines, and ovens, but that’s not all.

Mainstream Industrial Work: No matter how big or small a project is, it will always need a lot of resources. Flat TMT bars make the equipment stronger so that it can handle damage without losing its efficiency.

Construction: Mild steel is an important part of the building industry. It makes drilling less of a hassle during construction. It also makes it easier to bolt and rivet things together.

So, that’s everything you need to know about MS flat bars. Do let us know in the comment section which type of flat bars you’re planning to buy and their purpose.