The Difference Between Stainless Steel True and Sheared and Edge Flat Bar

What is Stainless Steel Flat Bar?

Stainless steel flat bar is a flat, rectangular steel product that usually comes in two types: True Bar and Sheared and Edge Bar. Both have varying tolerances and differences between them. Stainless Steel Flat Bar is a basic building material because it can be used in a lot of different ways and is strong enough to be worked on-site. Stainless steel flat bar also provides extra corrosion protection for outdoor or marine applications.

What is True Bar?

True Bar is a flat bar that has been cut to a certain size and has the same finish on all four sides. The true bar has tight tolerances and the corners are square.

Most of the time, the true bar is hot rolled, annealed, and treated with an acid solution to get rid of any surface rust. This process makes sure that the True Bar has a smooth, polished surface all the way around. This makes it easier to measure and makes the product more resistant to corrosion.

True Bar is more expensive than other types of a flat bar because it has to go through a lot of complicated steps to make sure it meets all of the specifications.

What is Sheared and Edge Bar?

Sheared and Edge Bar is a flat bar made from a stainless steel coil that has been cut to size. Since the Sheared and Edge Bar was cut instead of milled, the final product is not as accurate and its measurements are not as “true.” Sheared and Edge Bar’s accuracy depends on how it was cut. However, Sheared and Edge Bar is usually flattened, straightened, and polished to get close to the accuracy of True Bar in terms of size.

Also, the four sides of both the Sheared and Edge bars are not the same. When you cut a coil, the edges will have a different finish than the rest of the coil, which can be useful in many ways.

Sheared and Edge Bar is usually the cheaper option because it is easier to make than True Bar.

What are the Differences Between True and Sheared and Edge Flat Bar?

The two types of stainless steel flat bars are different in the following ways:

True Bar is milled to specific sizes while Sheared and Edge Bar is cut to size

True Bar has tight tolerances and square corners, Sheared and Edge Bar is less precise, with tolerances determined by the cutting method

True Bar’s four sides all have the same finish, but each side of Sheared Bar and Edge Bar can be different.

Most of the time, Ture Bar is more expensive than Sheared Bar and Edge Bar.

What are the Applications of True Bar and Sheared and Edge Bar?

Sheared and Edge Bar is the most common type of stainless steel flat bar because it is inexpensive, easy to find, and the final size and finish are good enough for most uses. Most of these have to do with building and structure.

True Bar is only used when there is a need for high tolerances or a consistent polish on the surface. This is mostly because True Bar is more expensive. These uses include machines that need to be precise, like those in the pharmaceutical or food industries, or that are sensitive to chemicals, like those used in chemical processing, or where products need to be the same for safety, like in the aerospace industry.

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